Top Alcohol Rehab is Available at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is where clients travel from all over the world receive top alcohol rehab. Located in Southern California, Passages Malibu was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “most luxurious” places to receive top alcohol rehab, and the facility was also ranked #1 by Healthcare Global. The Joint Commission includes Passages Malibu among an elite 6% of all luxury rehab facilities in the United States.

Passages Malibu offers a customized Treatment Program setting that heals the mind, body and spirit.

Detoxify safely and in complete luxury in a private oceanfront unit, then relax by our pools, take advantage of our tennis courts, and use other deluxe community areas with modern amenities and enriching entertainment. A five-star spa, fitness center, putting green, huge library and other leisure areas are all readily available on our 10-acre campus. Gourmet meals are prepared to your specifications three times a day.

Passages Malibu’s customized Treatment Program is designed by a team of addiction specialists who spend 65 hours a week on individualized, one-on-one therapy sessions with you. These sessions are designed to retrain your focus and formulate a deeper life purpose. When you graduate, you will receive a commemorative Heartstone and receive meaningful support from your own personal Continuing Care Coordinator.

Passages Malibu helps clients recapture their health and wellness by providing unprecedented levels of comfort and guided self-reflection. We are prepared to address any other associated mental health conditions as we heal you mind, body and spirit. When you are ready to receive top alcohol rehab that is inspires self-worth and promotes positive change, then contact our Admissions Department today.


Chris and Pax Prentiss Co-Founded Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu is a top alcohol rehab facility that emphasizes the teachings of of Chris and Pax Prentiss. When Pax revealed to his father Chris that he was seriously addicted to to heroin, alcohol and cocaine, the two of them went into action. It was the beginning of Passages Malibu, though neither one of them knew it at the time.

Chris and Pax created Passages Malibu as a top alcohol rehab facility that empowers clients instead of forcing them to admit that they are helpless. Other places made Pax feel weak and even diseased, but this train of thought only made Pax’s addictions worse. Passages Malibu, however, teaches self-reliance and respect, not weakness.

Positive, open and honest critical thinking using special holistic modalities is what let Pax reflect on his lifestyle choices and the reasons he made them. Pax was able to blend a mixture of treatment methods from around the world to realize he was using drugs and alcohol as an escape from problems stemming from low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. He was able to rid himself of the underlying causes of addiction and free himself from the desire to use drugs and alcohol.

Pax now has a family of his own and continues to help others through Passages Malibu. If you are ready to try a top alcohol rehab program that won’t make you feel negatively towards yourself, then Passages Malibu is ready to help. Please call us today and learn more about our non-12-step program.