The History Behind Passages Malibu

Pax Prentiss had to confess to his father Chris that he was addicted to drugs and alcohol. He had developed a serious addiction to marijuana, alcohol, cocaine and heroin and was unable to hide it from his family any longer. After 10 years addiction, Pax Prentiss found himself in the hospital with no friends. He finally turned to his family for support.

It had been ten years of slowly isolating himself from friends and family through lying, stealing and otherwise losing control over the fundamentals of life. Now he and his father set to task putting back the pieces of Pax’s life together the best they knew how. The easiest and most logical answer was drug and alcohol rehabilitation, so they started there.

As it turns out, however, even the “best” treatment programs were not able to stop Pax from abusing drugs and alcohol. Though he desperately wanted to stop, he could not go for long without breaking the rules and relapsing. Each time he felt terrible and ashamed; in fact, he felt terrible and ashamed through many different styles of treatment.

This got Chris and Pax to thinking. Whether it was a 12-step program or a hospital emergency, the staff would always tell Pax that he was merely a “helpless addict” who was “sick”. They saw disease as an illness and not an extension of deeper personal flaws. Chris and Pax thought differently and decided to part ways with modern drug and alcohol treatments.

It took some research before Chris and Pax were able to find a different solution, one that stems from empowerment instead of helplessness. Chris and Pax used a combination of new and old wisdoms from a multitude of cultures throughout history – all driven by science-based evidence – to determine which methods were the most effective.

After much searching, Pax was able to forge a method that empowers the individual with positive thought and profound self-reflection. The revelations Pax was able to discover on his own were deeper and more meaningful than anything he’d experienced using the generic 12-step approach commonly encountered with conventional drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Group therapy sessions came nowhere close to what he had experienced using this new trial-and-error method.

Pax was eventually able to use a blend of holistic healing and western therapeutic practices to better understand himself and his problems with depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Chris and Pax went on to form Passages Malibu to employ a customizable Treatment Program that’s very similar to the one Pax developed with the help of his father.

Passages Malibu was first established in 2001 and has gone on to become a world-class holistic drug and alcohol rehabilitation center that has helped thousands heal themselves from addiction. Over 15 years later, Passages Malibu continues to learn and refine its approach to continue to deliver the best rehabilitation possible. If you are ready to start resolving your issues with drugs and alcohol today, then please call the Admissions Department at Passages Malibu and fully realize life.