The Prestigious Philosophy Passages Malibu

Whereas 12-step programs emphasize addiction as a form of weakness and even a disease that you are helpless to resist on your own, Passages Malibu uses a far more positive approach to empower the individual. More attention is paid to you as an individual in the form of one-on-one therapy over group sessions. One-on-one therapy sessions with trained professionals, in our experience, provide faster, more meaningful and longer-lasting results.

No one at Passages Malibu will ever try to claim that you are an addict suffering from a disease. These negative stereotypes contribute to the guilt and shame that many clients suffering from an alcohol addiction are already feeling. Instead, we treat you with compassion, dignity and respect so that you can heal with hope and pride.

Passages Malibu is unlike conventional rehabilitation because we understand that shame tactics and group therapy sessions did not work for our co-founder, Pax Prentiss, and they probably won’t work for you. When you are ready for a positive experience that lets you retain your humanity and foster self-esteem, then please call our Admissions Department and speak with a representative today.

What Causes Addiction?

Passages Malibu has over 15 years of experience helping thousands of clients resolve their addiction to alcohol once and for all. We are leading experts in the holistic rehabilitation industry who have been accredited by the Joint Commission for our endless dedication to top-quality service. We have found all addictions can be attributed to the same basic four underlying causes.

Whether you have all four of these causes or just one, the point remains that all drug and alcohol addictions stem from the following four causations and resolving these core issues will rid you of the urge to use.

The four main causations for drug and alcohol addiction are: