What is Top Alcohol Rehab with Passages Malibu?

Average alcohol rehab programs treat just the chemical addiction, but top alcohol rehab with Passages Malibu heals the mind, body and spirit. Instead of simply detoxifying you and sending you on your way, we at Passages Malibu safely and professional detoxify you and then subsequently show you ways to find a more fulfilling purpose. We can also safely assess any other underlying physical and mental health conditions that may have arisen independent of – or directly from – an alcohol addiction.

Top alcohol rehab with Passages Malibu does not shame or blame – we simply inform and improve. Clients are made aware of why their addictions are not sustainable for long-term health and personal growth. They are also shown ways to identify and remove the underlying causes driving their addiction.

How Does Top Alcohol Rehab at Passages Malibu Work?

Passages Malibu is not a 12-step program that relies on group therapies. The top alcohol rehabilitation you’ll receive at Passages Malibu revolves around specialized one-on-one therapy sessions with addiction professionals. Your Treatment Team consists of therapists, physicians, nurses, counselors and other professionals who are trained to mentally and physically assess your situation.

Typically, top alcohol rehab at Passages Malibu goes something like this:

  1. Medical doctors, nurses and physicians detoxify you in a beautiful private unit overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
  2. Bloodwork and other lab results are analyzed. These results are factored into a customized Treatment Program outlined by your Treatment Team.
  3. Your Treatment Team utilizes science-based Eastern and Western modalities that will identify and remove the underlying causes of your alcohol addiction.
  4. Graduation and aftercare treatment ensure that you abstain from alcohol and stay resolute in your success.

The Main Differences

As a top alcohol rehab in Southern California, Passages Malibu separates itself from the competition with:

  • Individualized therapy sessions – Group sessions are kept to an absolute minimum at Passages Malibu. Instead, over 65 hours of weekly one-on-one therapy sessions are routine.
  • High-End Amenities – Top alcohol rehab means a beautiful private detox unit, plush amenities run by well-trained staff, and regular spa treatments. Normal alcohol rehab centers, on the other hand, only offer basic detox and not much else.
  • Gourmet Foods – Recovering from an addiction to alcohol is much easier with proper nutritional intake. At Passages Malibu, your meals are catered to your specifications by gourmet chefs three times a day.
  • Holistic Modalities – Basic alcohol rehabilitation does not offer massage therapy, personal trainers, meditation and yoga, or any of the other extras that help you find permanent success.
  • Full-Bodied Treatment – Your mind, body and spirit are fully rejuvenated. Basic rehab does not address underlying physical and mental health issues stemming from addiction, but Passages Malibu does.


Make the Right Choice with Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu has provided top alcohol rehab treatments to thousands of clients since 2001. Please call our Admissions Department today to learn more about how Passages Malibu is vastly different from any other top alcohol rehabilitation facility in Southern California!